We use top grade professional equipment & DJ software powered by OTS System, all running off digital sound mediums.

We utilize a very large high powered 4 speaker system for larger indoor & outdoor events.

We have a smaller, lower powered 2 speaker system for smaller events.

A picture of our  equipment.

Accessories: 2 wireless Microphone systems. Audio Technica Wireless Headset Microphone for DJ use, Wireless hand held microphones.

Effects: Lighting consist of American DJ Warp II, Various Colored Uplighting, Chauvet Two (2)LED Mushroom Effects lighting ;

As you can tellt in our photos, we make sure to keep all cables neat and tucked away from view as much as possible. All wiring is either roued out of the way or securely taped down.

Ultimately, all this professional equipment makes it easy for DJ Mike to provide many continuous hours of high quality entertainment.

Please use the photo galliers on the left to get a better idea of the equipment we use.