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Welcome TO Express DJ Services

Express DJ Service we would honor the opportunity to help you the in making a wise choice for your source of entertainment. The first step is a simple one. Allow us to introduce you to Express DJ Service. We began this service 19 years ago. We come highly recommended by the businesses and individuals that we have worked with.


Express DJ Service entertains at a level that can only be described as professional. The main function of a DJ is to set the mood and entertain the guests. For this very reason, we have worked diligently to provide the best possible service. Express DJs music library has well over 29,000 songs for the guests to choose from. The list continues to grow, adding current Top 40 music as well as 60s,70s,80s Country etc. to the collection.

We use only professional equipment. We believe it is very important to build a relationship between the client and the service in order to accomplish what best serves your needs. We allow the customers to be actively involved with the music selection.

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